This blog was initiated on a beautiful Friday in Manchester (UK) while I was pursuing an MSc in Quantitative finance at The University of Manchester. For a more specific context, the blog was built after I had finished my final exam in Time Series Econometrics. It was not bad enough for me to feel sad, but it was also not good enough to be hyped up. My emotion was something in the middle that I don’t know which word can be used to describe. So let’s call it a “doohickey” feeling. Nevertheless, this blog is not among my “distressed” activities after a “doohickey” day. Well, I can’t eliminate it as one of my motivations, but this blog is my determination after careful thinking and consideration.

Indeed, my embryo of this blog has been for like 2 years. I always want to have my blog, not to show off knowledge in my area of expertise (trust me!!!), but to enhance my writing skill. Writing is not a thing but logic. If you can deliver coherent and clear writing, you assimilate the knowledge. In other words, it becomes your asset rather than a tool to ace some exams. Espousing that idea, I tried to make a WordPress blog. But I have never written a proper post.

For many years after graduation, I was always busy at work. On average, I worked for 10 - 12 hours per day (even more), including weekends. I did not have proper time for myself, let alone blogging. Indeed, I forgot that I used to have that intention. Even now, I am having a break from working, returning to university for a master’s degree. Now, I have nothing but time. However, the idea of blogging never comes to mind for a moment. A few days ago, when I was looking through my Facebook, I came across a response from my ex-colleague on a topic asking for advice to orientate their study in the field of economics. He mentioned his blog, where he shared his thoughts, experience and what he learned. That moment woke me up. He used to have the same idea as me about blogging, but he has done it for two years. Despite seldom making posts recently, he put real effort into it rather than thinking about it and blaming the context for postponing the blog as I have always done. Now, you can tell the reason why I officially start my blog. Yes, it is “peer pressure”!

Well, again, I will not deny that reason. But I would like to say that I started my blog because I am getting old! I am turning 26 this year (2023), I never had a Tiktok account, and I don’t understand why the youngster nowadays is so interested. I listen to 2000s music and sometimes 70s. Yep, I am an old man. But, the essential point of getting old is that you don’t have much chance to “redo.” Every single decision about every facet of life made today will significantly shape your life in the next 40 years. At the age of 20, you have plenty of time to do a little bit here, a little bit there. If they are wrong or not suitable for your personality, you can quickly move on for a fresh start over. However, when you approach your 30s, time is not on your side anymore. You should have the image of the person you want to be in this life, or else you might be lost amid this chaotic life.

So, my friend’s blog, on the one hand, exerts peer pressure on me. But moreover, it induces an epiphany moment in my mind. It is time to curb the spontaneous person inside me and slow the pace of life to facilitate careful thinking. After years of working for different organizations with various roles and responsibilities, I have accumulated knowledge and experience. It should be sufficient for me to identify the life I want to embark on. Right now, I am taking a break from working; I have plenty of free time to play video games from morning till late at night like I used to do in high school. So, besides nurturing the child in me, I need to cogitate about my life. I believe answering this existential question will help me have a full life without too many regrets.

Hence, blog writing is a good solution for many of my problems. Firstly, it will help reorganize every piece of knowledge that I have had so far. It is also the test for my understanding of everything that I learned. If I assimilate it, I can smoothly write it down and publish it on my blog. If not, I can know what pieces I need to reinforce and further develop. Secondly, a single piece of writing might take me hours or days sitting in front of a desktop to think and jot it down. I don’t understand why they are sudden tranquil moments. I block my mind from other stuff to have a serious conversation with my inner. It is my hobby rather than a tool to sharpen my mind.

In this blog, you will find my post on topics on pure math and its application in finance. I will upload my progress and solution to programming problems that I often challenge myself. Indeed, I will write about topics in finance and economics which is my domain of knowledge. And lastly, I will post about funny things that happened in my life or sudden idea that comes through my mind at random moments. So, I hope you will enjoy reading my blog and that I can inspire you.

When I take up new things, I will make a massive announcement to my friends. And then I do nothing! This time will be different. I silently do everything. So if you are my friends or know me in person, and unfortunately, you land on my blog, then “F*ck you!!!”.